Our main focus in this business unit is consulting and professional trading of various plastics like granules, regrind and post-industrial waste for many different applications.

Our strength lies in our good contacts and references within the branch.

We dispose of longtime international customers as well as suppliers, and we therefore can offer the basis for a long-term cooperation to both. 

We have set our focus on the trade of the following polymers:


Styrol-Polymere PS, SAN, ABS, ASA, SMA u.a
Acrylpolymere/PMMA PMMA, MBS u.a.
Polyacetalharz POM-Homo, POM-Copo
Polyphenylenoxyd PPO, PPE und Blends
Polycarbonat and Polycarbonat-HT PC, PC-HT
Polycarbonat-Blends PC-ABS, PC-SAN, PC-ASA
Polyamid-ABS Blends PA-ABS-Blends
Polyamid 6 PA6
Polyamid 66 PA66
Polyamid, Spezial PA11, PA12, PA4/6, PA6/3T, PA6/6T, PA-Copo, u. a
PBT / Polybutylenterephthalat PBT
Polyester &Blends PET, PBT/PET, PBT/ASA, PBT/PC etc.
High-Heat-Kunststoffe PEEK, PPS, PEI, PSU, PES, LCP, PAI u. a.
Fluor-Kunststoffe PVDF, PTFE, FEP, ECTFE u. a,
Polyurethan und andere TPE PU, TPE-A, TPE-E, TPE-S, TPE-V u. a.
Polyethylen PE-LD, PE-HD, PE-Copo
Polypropylen PP-Homo, PP-Copo, PP-Compounds

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We also have selected logistics partners and the possibility of sorting mixed plastics.

For further information and personal advice, please contact us.